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Developer Registration

Use this form when activating DWiz offline (or behind a firewall)

Follow these steps to activate Data Warehouse Wiz offline (or behind a firewall):

  • If your company does not have an online account yet, create a FREE account with our simple one-page form so that you can get an Activation Token for a Free Trial Period.
  • Then order a Free Trial or Paid License to instantly get your Activation Token via email. (DWiz version is the same for both)
  • After downloading and installing DWiz, run it and click on its top-menu Help->Activation to activate with your Activation Token. This is the only time that DWiz requires an internet connection, and if DWiz finds an internet connection it will finish the activation automatically. If so, you will not need to perform the following Manual Registration steps.
  • If no internet connection is found, automatic activation will fail. However, DWiz will display a Manual Registration form so that you can complete the activation manually without an internet connection.
  • Copy, into the clipboard, the Manual Registration Key that DWiz displays in the top of its Manual Registration form. Then paste it into the top box above, where indicated. Click the Process Registration button.
  • This page will return a License Key. Copy this License Key and paste it back to your DWiz app's Manual Registration form. Click OK to complete the activation.
  • This procedure is shown in detail in the DWiz Installation Guide.
  • Manual Activation is shown clearly in this video: Starting DWiz For the First Time.