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DW developer answers FAQ about data warehouse automation tool

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DataWarehouseWiz?

DWiz is a data warehouse automation tool for the creation, loading, maintenance, and modular augmentation of data warehouses and data marts. By using this tool, you can dramatically reduce the development time needed for these tasks--especially in the ETL (extract-transform-load) processes required for both your end-user data warehouse database and the intermediate staging database.

What is the cost of DataWarehouseWiz?

There is a yearly subscription fee but the subscription fee for the first two months is waived. After that, the first year's subscription fee is $4200.

What is the cost of your competitor's software?

Typical competitors charge $40,000 for each license, with a minimum purchase of two licenses. Their typical yearly maintenance fee is $8,000 for each license, so their minimum cost during the first year starts at $96,000.

Wow, DWiz is a fraction of the typical cost. Is it a very limited solution?

DWiz is a powerful solution that can be used successfully on huge databases, huge tables, and complex sources. The generated code is both efficient and maintainable.

Then why is it so much cheaper?

To reach a much bigger market. By making DWiz so affordable and so easy to use by in-house staff, we bring data warehousing within easy reach of countless more companies and organizations.

My company has deep pockets, and my top IT execs expect that we should spend at LEAST a megabuck or two. I don't want to look silly.

And yet more than two-thirds of all data warehouse projects are considered failures, even those with big budgets and high-priced consultants. Use DWiz as an investigative tool to prototype a strawman during the conceptualization stage of your megabuck project. Even if you decide afterwards to continue with the multi-megabuck approach, it is quite likely that the knowledge you glean from the strawman prototype could be used to cut through smoke and mirrors, and reduce the overall cost of the future project.

Won't I still need those consultants? Isn't data warehousing a specialized skill?

In most cases, the design and use of a company's existing operational databases is much trickier than the design of the data warehouse itself--and a much bigger factor in the construction of the ETL. Not to say that consultants aren't useful, but that your in-house staff is usually more important. Many consulting quotes and contracts will require guaranteed free access to "subject-matter experts". Who are the subject-matter experts?...those are your in-house staff, who either way will play the pivotal role in development of your warehouse--because they best know how your existing operational systems work, how to get the data, and how the data can best be used.

The outside consultants on my megabuck warehouse project started off by copying all my data to their own servers. Why?

This should be a question you ask before you award a contract, especially considering that the servers are often in another country.

Can I use DWiz to design a data warehouse that will be deployed to the Cloud?

Yes. Data Warehouse Wiz creates SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages and/or SQL Server Stored Procedures for your processes, without any dependence on a custom framework. These solutions work equally well in the Cloud or snuggled in your own local server rack.

I don't want to be stuck using vendor-specific proprietary code.

GOOD, you shouldn't be! DWiz generates sourcecode for you, but generates readable (and editable) source for Sql Server and SSIS/BIML. Nothing of your ETL process is hidden from you, and there are no hidden proprietary routines. Your ETL processes can be scheduled as Sql Jobs or Scheduled Tasks, independent of DWiz. You will continue to use DWiz to save development time when you add data marts, change schemas, augment functionality, etc.

Could I manually tweak the source code that DWiz generates?

Yes, you have full access to, and control of, the generated source code for the ETL processes. You can even modify it as you wish, although this should not be necessary... DWiz includes many powerful features to write the source code for you. Being able to see exactly what DWiz writes--with no hidden parts--is a great benefit that we are proud to provide.

Does my ETL Process still work after my DWiz subscription expires?

YES! After you use DWiz to design your data mart/data warehouse and to develop the ETL processes that feed and maintain your DW, your ETL processes will run independently of DWiz, even after the subscription period expires.

So I could, um, design a data warehouse during my Free Trial Period and my ETL would still run fine afterwards?

Well, ah, yes. Hmm. However, you will be so pleased that you will want to get a DWiz subscription to save yourself time/money/stress during the inevitable expansion of your data warehouse.