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Selected Highlights of Data Warehouse Wiz (DWiz)

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Magentic's Data Warehouse Automation Tool

  • Data Warehouse Wiz is a software tool (for Microsoft Windows) that automates the design of custom data warehouses, eliminating the need for hand coding.
  • Data Warehouse Wiz offers a 100% functional free trial period of two months, after which the first-year subscription rate is $4200. Competing products typically have a first-year cost of $96,000 or more; however, Data Warehouse Wiz is priced to reach the wider mass market that competitors ignore.
  • Easy to learn and evaluate! By following along with our tutorial videos, you can start from "scratch" and design a complete (tiny) example data warehouse within a 2 - 3 hour investment of your time (including download and activation of DWiz!). And in so doing, evaluate our friendly Data Warehouse Wiz.
  • Data Warehouse Wiz accelerates the design and creation of Flat and Pivot tables in the staging database and the Fact, Dim, Bridge, Junk, and Outrigger tables in the DataMart database.
  • Using SQL Server’s Change Tracking or Change Data Capture technologies, Data Warehouse Wiz simplifies the downloading of tables from the source database to the staging database.
  • In the staging database, DWiz provides the tool set needed to expedite the flattening, pivoting, merging, arrangement, cleaning, validation and de-normalization of data in the “flat” tables.
  • The automation component of Data Warehouse Wiz enables the automatic generation of stored procedures and eliminates hand coding entirely.
  • After DWiz creates all the tables and stored procedures, the tool will produce a script that can be used to create an SSIS package (or a master stored procedure, if desired).

Data Warehouse Wiz by Magentic LLC (U.S.A.) is a Data Warehouse Automation tool that will shorten your development time to a small fraction of that required by hand coding. Click here to create a free account and then download the full DWiz for a two-month free trial.

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Data Warehouse Automation the Easy Way

  • The fastest path to powerful data warehousing.
  • Create and maintain data mart tables.
  • Create and maintain ETL staging tables.
  • Design and run ETL processes.
  • Painless maintenance of iterative development and deployment.
  • Painless change management.

Data Warehouse Wiz, full version

data warehouse automation tool is fast, easy, secure, and low-cost


That's ample time for you to create your first data warehouse. And the Free Trial Period is 100% functional and full-featured, same as the Paid License. And your data warehouse will continue to function after the free trial period expires. Sweet, huh? We're confident that you will be so thrilled with DWiz that you will come back for a paid license to design more data marts or warehouse extensions.

Follow these steps to get started with your Free Trial Period: